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‘Cross-border’ and ‘integration’ are key highlights of China’s SNEC ES+ exhibition

Industrial Automation

November 2023

Shirly Zhu

Shirly Zhu

Principal Analyst

Shirly has worked across multiple industry sectors in her 10+ year career, conducting projects requiring primary and secondary research, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. She’s primarily focused on Industrial Automation topics including motion and industrial controls.

The 8th (2023) International Energy Storage (Shanghai) Technology Conference and Exhibition (SNEC ES+) and companion SNEC H2+ show were held in Shanghai, China from November 1 to 3, attracting over 600 exhibitors who are mainly system integrators, component suppliers and equipment manufacturers. Interact Analysis analysts visited a wide range of exhibitors, ranging from ESS component suppliers and system integrators to equipment builders.

Integration of Multiple Application Scenarios

With 2023 considered the first year China’s energy storage in BTM (behind-the-meter) commercial and industrial (BTM C&I) has taken off, Interact Analysis’ preliminary estimates show new installation of energy storage for BTM C&I applications will exceed 1 GW in 2023. The boom has attracted a large number of companies to the market and we noticed a number of leading energy storage suppliers in the BTM residential market showcased C&I energy storage products during the trade show. According to interviews, all these BTM C&I products were announced in 2023 and most will be available for customers to purchase next year . In addition to serving China’s domestic C&I energy storage market, manufacturers also unveiled, or announced plans to launch, C&I products and systems for oversea markets.

From left to right: BAC C&I energy storage inverter from Growatt; 29.9-100KW C&I energy storage inverter from Solaris; ASW H-T and H-T3 C&I energy storage inverters from Aiswei Tech

In addition to the products shown above, residential ESS suppliers like Sofar, SAJ also debuted their C&I energy storage products at the show.

The booming global energy storage market has prompted a number of manufacturers to explore oversea markets, particularly in residential energy storage. For example, JD Energy debuted a series of new products covering BTM grid-scale C&I applications (e.g. eBlock-418, eBlock-836, eBlock-230 etc.) at this exhibition. It is worth mentioning the company also launched its first residential energy storage system for the overseas market, which is expected to go on sale in the first half of next year.

eBlock-8KTL residential energy storage system from JD Energy

Cross-Industry Integration: From E-Mobility and New Energy to Hydrogen

1) E-Mobility Battery Manufacturers Entering Energy Storage Market

Vremt, a new energy technology company owned by Geely, specializes in powertrain components for electrified vehicles. Interact Analysis’ monthly tracker shows that, due to soaring sales of Geely battery electric vehicles, Vremt ranked 10th in a list of battery system suppliers for commercial vehicles in China during the first three quarters of 2023. The company also provides BTM C&I and residential energy storage solutions, and has a charging pile business, with energy storage products from each range exhibited at this year’s show.

C&I Energy Storage System from Vremt (Image Source: Vremt)

Gree Altairnano, a subsidiary of global air-conditioning giant Gree, also made an appearance at the show with its C&I energy storage solution. Furthermore, the company showcased its first LTO residential energy storage system (mainly targeted at the European market), which was launched earlier this year. The company also plans to launch the second generation of its lithium LFP residential battery storage system next year.

17.6KWh High Voltage Residential Battery Storage System from Gree

2) Integration of Solar Photovoltaic, Energy Storage and Battery Charging

GCL, one of the global leading solar photovoltaic companies, officially announced its entry into the energy storage market this year, launching a series of ESS products covering grid-scale, C&I and residential application scenarios for domestic and oversea markets. All these products were exhibited at the show.

From left to right: C&I and Residential Energy Storage Systems from GCL

Wanbang Digital Energy (a subsidiary of Star Charge – a leading supplier in battery charging station field in China) showcased its solar – storage – charging solution, eBox-215 C&I energy storage system, and M100/125 energy storage PCS. The company appears to develop its BTM C&I energy storage business by leveraging its existing network and experience in battery charging pile projects. In addition, its energy storage PCSs are sold separately to domestic and foreign customers through distribution channel.

C&I Energy Solution Comprising Solar, Energy Storage and Charging from Star Charge

3) Hydrogen Electrolyzer

Leading global solar photovoltaic enterprises Trina and LONGi are also key electrolyzer manufacturers in China. Currently, electrolyzers are predominantly alkaline-based in China, and each of these vendors has more than 1 GW electrolyzer production capacity. Electrolyzer equipment was on display at the show.

From left to right: Electrolyzers from Trina and LONGi

From a larger energy market perspective, “cross-border” and “integration” are synergistic developments within the energy industry. Driven by multiple factors, such as favourable policies, industry chain development and price reduction of upstream raw materials, China’s new energy storage market (excluding PHS) has maintained its growth momentum in 2023, and is expected to reach nearly 20 GW of installation this year. At the same time, challenges including exploring the industry’s profitability model, intensified industry competition and the uncertainty of overseas market development need to be overcome for long-term development and success.

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