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100% bespoke, market-shaping technology research built on the pulse of experts in the field.

Custom reports, tailored to you

Explore your goals and objectives
Create a research plan and custom approach
Build a solid foundation using existing data
Gather unique insights from primary research
Expert analysis from subject matter experts
Tailor results to your goals and objectives

What we offer


Type of Engagement

  • Whitepapers are an important tool to prospect and generate new leads. They are essential for building brand reputation with you clients and the industry”.
  • Our brand recognition, objective opinions and thought leading insight allows our clients to reach new audiences and educate their customers.

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  • Objective analysis on their desired supply chain topic with credible and respected market data
  • Professional in-house copywriting and design.
  • Support with press and media outreach and distribution of the white paper
  • A cost effective, powerful and versatile way to solve their core business problem


Type of Engagement

  • In the post-COVID era where travel restrictions and tradeshow cancellations made it harder to engage with prospective customers, webinars became one of the most important marketing tools to generate leads and prospect potential customers.
  • Our analysts are regularly hired to participate in webinars to provide a third-party objective analyses of the market as well as participate in Q&As and in some cases chair virtual panel discussions. Recognized as international experts with thought-leading insight, our analysts have proven time and time again to be a great way to increase webinar visibility and generate interest in the event. Furthermore, having an independent third-party analyst participating in the webinar significantly increases the credibility of the event.

Estimated project costs: $500-$3,000

  • As one of the most reputable and respected market research firm in the supply chain automation sector, our participation provides additional credibility to the webinar event.
  • Our detailed and thorough market updates draw in a large number of attendees.
  • Increases brand visibility through Interact Analysis social media networks.


Type of Engagement

  • Too often, research firms provide a black-box market model with little to no explanation of the assumptions that go into the model. Not only do we completely transparent with our modelling assumptions, we encourage our clients to scrutinize them which is why our tested and proven forecast models are trusted across the industry.
  • Whilst our off-the-shelf syndicated reports provide a high level of granularity, some companies require deep-dive market sizing and forecasting analysis for a specific market. Alternatively, several clients have commissioned us to produce a bespoke and easy to update market model to predict product demand based on related KPIs such as warehouse demand, e-commerce penetration and labor rates.

Estimated project costs: $20,000-$60,000

  • Our clients are able to understand and scrutinize the assumptions which underly our forecast models
  • Our forecast models are guided and validated by significant insight and knowledge gained through more the 300 research interviews we conduct with automation vendors and end-users each year.


Type of Engagement

  • With very few public companies, the warehouse automation market tends not be very transparent and it can be very challenging to understand why certain competitors are doing particularly well.
  • With more than 300 interviews conducted each year, many of which being with end-users, we have a very good understanding of how customers perceive different automation vendors and the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Furthermore, we have a vast amount of in-house knowledge pertaining to each automation vendor based on years of in-depth research interviews. Whilst we cannot share confidential information, we can produce detailed analyses highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of competitors through primary research interviews with the competitor in question, end-users and competitors.

Estimated project costs: $20,000-$50,000

  • No other research firm has the amount of in-house knowledge pertaining to automation vendors
  • With so many reports covering the entire warehouse automation value chain from services to hardware and MFC, we’re able to connect the dots produce actionable insight which would otherwise be impossible to gain without considering the competitor in the wider context of the logistics automation ecosystem.


Type of Engagement

  • COVID-19 has pushed supply chains to the limit. It’s clear that the fulfillment models used pre-COVID won’t produce a profitable e-commerce business. As a result, companies are trialing several different types of fulfillment and distribution models all of which require different automation solutions. Coupled with the emergence of a new start-up every day, it can be a daunting task to monitor and track the industry trends.
  • We have analysts in the US, Europe and China with our ears to the ground. We’re meticulously monitoring the market and identifying emerging trends as well as emerging companies.
  • Our trend scouting services can be used to monitor, analyze and assess the latest trends and start-ups in the industry.

Estimated project costs: $15,000-$40,000

  • With several analysts tracking start-ups and trends on a daily basis, our trend scouting services provides a complete picture and prevents our clients from missing key trends and start-ups


Type of Engagement

  • Entering a new market can be a significant investment and requires thorough due diligence to understand a) the competitive landscape, b] the reasons customers are investing in automation, c] the size of the market, and d) the price sensitivity of the market. Without knowing these parameters, it’s next to impossible to create a compelling marketing narrative guaranteed to resonate with prospective clients.
  • Our market entry studies provides our clients with the peace of mind that an entrance to the market will be worth the investment.

Estimated project costs: $40,000-$60,000

  • Significant experience in producing market entry studies pertaining to the automation sector.
  • End-user and automation vendor connections across the globe, allowing us to interview prospective clients and competitors in almost any region and vertical market.
  • Vast amount of in-house knowledge allowing to connect the dots and provide insight which often extends beyond the scope of the project.


Type of Engagement

  • It can be difficult to truly understand what your own customers’ pain points are, let alone your prospective customers. Our voice-of-customer research provides a channel for you to connect with and understand the needs of your customers and prospective customers and better understand what keeps them up at night.
  • Typically this is done through in-depth research interviews with decision makers in the target industry. However, we’ve also conducted surveys as well as a combination of interviews and surveys.
  • It’s not just about the interviews. With more than 300 interviews conducted each year within our logistics automation group, our analysts are able to connect the dots and produce actionable insight.

Estimated project costs: $20,000-$50,000

  • Avoids any biases and conflict of interests associated with approaching potential customers.
  • Customers and potential customer much more willing to engage with a third-party research firm.
  • With more than 300 interviews conducted each year, we’re experts at navigating research discussions and extracting valuable insight

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