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Ultra Low Voltage Motors

Research covering the ultra-low voltage motors market in industrial applications

This report provides an understanding of market trends driving and restricting growth within the Brushless DC motors (BLDC) and Synchronous motors sectors as well as market forecasts produced in a tertiary model.  In addition to this analysis, we conduct a market share analysis of any vendor in the market with a greater than 1% share. The report is built using extensive primary research supplemented with insights from our Motion Controls study and MIO (Manufacturing Industry Output) tracker – which is well respected for its credible industry forecasts by country. The scope is limited to industrial applications only and motors ≤60 volts.

What's in the report?

The report delivers:

  • Highly detailed market size and growth data for each region. This data will be compiled through an extensive primary research investigation, led by one of the industry’s leading industrial automation market analyst teams.
  • Revenue and unit shipment forecasts out to 2027, derived in conjunction with Interact Analysis’ Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker (MIO), which is the most comprehensive analysis of global manufacturing industries and machinery production.
  • Insight into key trends impacting Brushless DC Motors and Synchronous small motors.

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