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Li-Ion Battery and Manufacturing Equipment Market Tracker

A new quarterly tracker service for the Li-Ion battery and manufacturing equipment market.

Li-ion Battery and Manufacturing Equipment Market Tracker is a new quarterly updated service, which complements the standard “Battery Manufacturing Equipment Market – 2023” market report, providing  ongoing updates and insight into the advancement of the Li-ion battery and manufacturing equipment market; as well as the supply chain movements, focusing on regular new plant and company activity through news updates.

The market tracker is also available to purchase as a bundle with the Battery Manufacturing Equipment report.

What's in the Li-ion Battery and Manufacturing Equipment Market Tracker?

The report contains the following features:

  • Top-Level Market Size Updates (Presented in Excel):
  • Battery Production/Shipment Forecast by Region/Application to 2027
  • Manufacturing Equipment Market Size by Region/Machine Type Forecast to 2027
  • Supply Chain Movements & Vendor Profiles (Visualized using Power BI Dashboards):
  • A Visual Power BI dashboard displaying company background, available products, plant information, updated news as well as supply chain info for both battery suppliers and equipment suppliers.
  • Quarterly News Collection and Analyst Comment (Quarterly PDF Updates):
  • Forecast variance comparison and the main impact factor analysis.
  • A complete PowerPoint of current news updates of company activities, including partnerships, new plant announcement, financial, customer deployments and contracts.
  • Analyst insights/comments on news

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