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Hydrogen ICE Market and Technology Assessment – 2024

An overview of the key companies, technologies and market potential for hydrogen ICE.

This report is an overview of the key companies, technologies and market potential for hydrogen ICE.

As this is an emerging solution, the report has in-depth insight of the technology including market and technical challenges and info on suppliers.

Market forecasts include H2 ICE by type of vehicle/equipment, by region, by power/size, and direct injection vs port fuel. H2 ICE is also compared to other powertrain technologies in terms of pros and cons, total cost of ownership and forecast shipments.

What's in the report?

  • Direct injection vs port fuel.
  • Legislative environment.
  • Price of hydrogen.
  • How many H2 ICE vehicles will be sold?
  • Who are the main suppliers?
  • Which country is moving to a leadership position?
  • How expensive is Hydrogen ICE? (engine, tanks, vehicle, hydrogen, overall TCO).

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