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Electrified Truck and Bus Powertrain Components

Accurate and up-to-date report on market sizes and prices for electric trucks and buses powertrain components.

This report focuses on pricing and architecture of powertrain components in on-road commercial vehicles (trucks & buses). Previously split into two reports for Asia Pacific and EMEA/Americas, this data is now combined into one report.

An overview of the vehicle market has now been added too, so that customers of this report can get an overview of the vehicle as well as component market, without having to buy a separate report.
Forecasts are expanded to 2035 to give our customers the long term view that they need.

What's in the report?

  • What percentage of trucks and buses will be electric in each year to 2030, and beyond?
  • What is driving the electric penetration – we will look at factors such as legislation, total cost of ownership, environmental factors, and others.
  • Will issues such as infrastructure, raw materials and lack of production facilities slow down the transition?
  • What is the market size (units, ASP and revenues) for key components in the powertrain including motors, batteries and inverters?
  • How do prices vary by vehicle type and region?
  • Who are the leading suppliers of motors, battery packs, fuel cells and hydrogen tanks?
  • What is the average kW and kWh for each vehicle type, powertrain and region?
  • Which battery types (LFP or NMC? pouch, prismatic or cylindrical?) will dominate in 2025 and 2030 and 2035?
  • What has changed in 2023 compared to what we already knew in 2022?

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