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Components In Mobile Robots

An in-depth analysis of the drivetrain, navigation, charging, and communication systems used within AMRs and AGVs

A new report providing insight and in-depth analysis into the components used in mobile robots. The report will compliment our deep understanding of the AGV and AMR market to provide mobile robot vendors and automation component suppliers with insight into the market for mobile robot components, which will include the drivetrain, navigation system, battery management, and communication systems.

In this report, we will provide detailed market size and forecast data for components in mobile robots by product type, by robot type, and by region.

What's in the report?

  • This report aims to address the following questions:
  • What is the size and future opportunity for components used in mobile robots?
  • How will the impact of the R15.08 safety standard impact technical demands of components?
  • At what rate will we see the adoption of continuous charging systems
  • What communication protocols are used with mobile robots and how that might change in the future?
  • What will the expansion of the RaaS business model mean for component vendors?
  • How will increasing speed requirements impact drivetrain components?

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