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China Warehouse Automation – 2023

An deep-dive Analysis on China’s warehouse automation market

Behind the US, China is the largest single market for warehouse automation. China has more warehouses than the US, Canada, and Mexico combined, and its labor costs are increasing as China’s workforce is becoming more skilled. Understanding China’s complex and nuanced warehouse automation is a strategic imperative for international system integrators, especially for those looking to enter the market.

This report provides a deep-dive analysis on China’s warehouse automation, providing data, commentary, and insight on policies, technologies, end-users, and domestic automation vendors. We discuss the key end-users and their historic, current, and future investments in automation, major policy trends in China relating to warehouse automation, and the performance of domestic automation vendors and system integrators.

What's in the report?

  • How large is China’s warehouse automation market, and what is its growth potential?
  • How do different vertical markets in China allocate their spending on automation? Moreover, how is this spending pattern expected to evolve over time?
  • What factors are driving the market growth, and what are the obstacles to further expansion?
  • How is Chinese policy evolving in different verticals, and how does it impact the development of warehouse automation in those sectors?
  • How have the overall market gross margins changed over the last five years?
  • Who are the domestic suppliers and which verticals do they primarily focus on?
  • What does the market share look like, and how are international suppliers performing in China in the past five years?
  • What advice do we have for international suppliers entering the Chinese market?

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