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China New Energy Bus and Truck Market -Monthly Tracker


To meet the national goal of Carbon Peak by 2030 and Carbon Neutrality by 2060, commercial vehicles, as a major emission emitter, are picking up the pace to go green. At the early stage for penetration, the new energy bus and truck market in China is very dynamic; with the launch of government policies and regulations, new vehicle model promotion, and changing dynamics of end users.

To help our clients keep track with this fast-changing market, Interact Analysis provides the monthly tracker service, with the deepest level of market data for the end-use market (or registration sales) and insightful analysis.

What's in the report?

  • Granular market size data, dating back to 2017, in which year new energy buses and trucks started to roll out in scale in China.
  • Monthly installation data for batteries, drive motors and fuel cell systems illustrates the influence on key component performance from new energy bus and truck sales.
  • Easy-to-read data presented in terms of both annual and monthly data, and Interactive datasets in PowerBI allow you to customize outputs to your precise needs for maximum flexibility.
  • Individualized support in analyzing and interpreting data at no extra cost.
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