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Battery Manufacturing Equipment – 2023

An in-depth analysis of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment market.

Battery Manufacturing Equipment – 2023 contains Li-ion battery production and supply numbers, and a highly-detailed database and in-depth analysis of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment market.

Using both primary and secondary research, the report will include a detailed database of battery suppliers and existing and planned manufacturing plants around the world. Our analysis of the battery supply side and the current and likely future demand from end users will help us identify imbalances and assist us in modeling forecasts for demand for battery manufacturing equipment.

This report is also available as a bundle with the new Li-Ion Battery and Equipment Market Tracker, which is updated quarterly.

What's in the Battery Manufacturing Equipment Report?

In addition to providing market sizing and forecast data, the report will also aim to answer the following:

  • How will the Li-ion battery/manufacturing equipment market grow in the short-, mid- and long-term?
  • Are China, Japan and South Korea’s strong positions in the battery cell market and battery equipment market unassailable?
  • Where are the opportunities for European and American
  • How will new battery development trends affect the manufacturing equipment market?
  • Who are the main machine suppliers for the different processes in battery production?
  • What is the nature of the partnership between battery manufacturers and battery manufacturing equipment suppliers and end-user OEMs?
  • What are the main trends for Li-ion battery manufacturing equipment?
  • How big is the market for critical components in manufacturing equipment?
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