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A3 Industrial Automation Product Tracker

A premium tracker providing quarterly updated statistics into key automation markets.

This is the Premium version of the quarterly updated A3 Industrial Automation Product Tracker. It is a consolidation of market data from many of Interact Analysis’ world-renowned industrial automation market reports, which have each been compiled through extensive primary research and supplier reporting. This report provides “deeper product segmentations” versus the free reports available to members of A3, but still only scratches the surface versus the data available in Interact Analysis’ full syndicated industrial automation hardware reports, which provide highly-granular data – as a pivotable and layered analysis – by product by country by industry.

The annual forecasts presented in this tracker are updated every quarter to incorporate the latest economic outlook, insights and data from Interact Analysis’ “Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker (MIO)” – highly regarded for its deep industry forecasts by country and industry – which inform the outlook for the respective industrial automation markets.


  • Annual market sizes and forecast data are provided for 40 key automation products by major region for the Americas, APAC and EMEA, with data presented in revenue and unit shipment terms, which includes average selling price analysis.
  • Revenue forecasts are presented to 2028, derived in conjunction with Interact Analysis’ Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker (MIO), which is the most comprehensive analysis of global manufacturing industries and machinery production.
  • Variance analysis provides insight into the reasons behind changes in the forecast from one quarter to the next.
  • Updated discussion and insight into the latest trends impacting industrial automation globally are included, as well as trend discussion on key growth opportunities and the changing environment for industries, supply chain disruption, pricing, etc.
  • Notable news and acquisitions (including accompanying analyst insight) are also called out.

Discover the insights you need with Interact Analysis.


Get research based on primary sources for insights into industry changes as and when they happen.


Custom research tailored to your own business dynamics so you can make the right decisions with confidence.


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