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LexxPluss demonstrates safe, interoperable and scalable mobile robot conveyancing technology in the US

The company sees significant potential in the US, with market intelligence agency Interact Analysis forecasting…

Global Geared Products Market Expecting Contraction in 2024, Recovery in 2025

Interact Analysis’ latest research found that many gearbox suppliers observed a slowdown in order intake…

4 Predictions for 2024: AI Set to Supercharge Robotic Automation

Last year, Interact Analysis  looked at projected growth rates in robot shipments across industries. The stand-out projected…

Autonomous Mobile Robots Statistics: Making Tech Decisions Right

In 2018, the global shipment of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) exceeded 20,000 units, more than doubling the figure…

50% of all medium and heavy duty trucks and buses sold in 2035 to be electric

Battery electric is expected to replace ICE as the leading powertrain type for commercial vehicles…

AI and Automation Technologies Converge to Simplify Automated Visual Inspection

Market intelligence company Interact Analysis offers a similarly optimistic outlook, forecasting 5–7% growth in the industrial…

Bounce Back in 2025 to Follow Tough 2024 for Singapore’s Manufacturing Industry

The city state is the 11th addition to the Asia Tri-Region in Interact Analysis’ Manufacturing Industry…

Forklift market to be 50% bigger by 2032 according to top analysts

According to global market intelligence specialist Interact Analysis, this is expected to fuel further innovation…

Comment: Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook the role of collaborative autonomous mobile robots

Recent estimations from Interact Analysis indicate that by 2030, the global autonomous mobile robot market…