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Modest global manufacturing growth expected

Global manufacturing growth will be constricted in 2024, but will rebound by 2027 according to…

Growth of Static Manipulation Roles Expected to Drive Adoption of Robotic Picking: Study

Interact Analysis predicts there will be just over 150,000 picking robots installed by 2030, with annual…

Electric vehicle challenges expected to fuel ‘rapid growth’ for hydrogen

Although the development in the last decade seems to be slower than expected, progress in…
Supply Chain

Top 5 Supply Chain Threats to Impact Supply Chains in 2023

A total of 50,000 extra warehouses of more than 50,000 square feet are projected to be…
Mobile Robotics

What’s New in Robotics? 24.02.2023

As Interact Analysis put it: “At the end of 2020, mobile robots were deployed in…

Robots: Takeaways from 2022 and trends to keep an eye on 2023

Interact Analysis explores the key takeaways from 2022 for the industrial and collaborative robot market…
Rethinking Product Design

Manufacturers Rethinking Product Design For Cost-Effective Lines And Revenue Streams

Manufacturing is in for a rough ride over the coming months, according to recent Interact Analysis…
Better Robots

Why better robots need thinner bearings

Automation in warehouses is also growing more popular, to the extent that the market is…

Daimler Buses to provide all-electric coaches by 2030. The kick-off of ELCH project (with Flixbus)

According to a report by Interact Analysis, 74% of coaches are estimated to be non-electrified in 2030…