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Interact Analysis recently presented at PackExpo 2023.

Resources of interest

Interact Analysis provides a diverse set of research and insight covering industrial and warehouse automation. The topics below were referenced recently at Jonathan Pipe’s presentation at PackExpo in September 2023. We’ve created this page to make access to more information on these easily available. Brochures are available for download as well as links to free insights we’ve recently produced on these topics.

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Warehouse Automation

The 4th edition of our Warehouse Automation report guarantees to provide the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the market. To produce the report, we’ve spent 8 months conducting more than 100 in-depth research interviews and analyzed more than 120 companies, looking specifically at their past, present, and future investments in warehouse automation.

The Premium version of the report includes among others additional mid-year forecast updates, industry news, and our Warehouse Automation Quarterly Tracker.

Warehouse Automation Software

Industrial Robots

The 5th edition of our Industrial Robots report providing insight and analysis into the market. This includes market size and forecast data for industrial robots with detailed segmentations in both revenue and shipment terms, five-year forecasts to 2027, and key trend and market driver discussion and analysis provided by robot type, payload, industry and application.

NEW: the Premium version of the report provides tertiary level analysis which models demand for industrial robots by country.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are an important part of intelligent manufacturing and an effective complement to lean production. They’ve enjoyed a spike in popularity over the past few years, benefitting from the push towards automation in industry and constant downward pressure on costs. But which industries will drive growth for collaborative robots in the next five years? What will be the pricing trends as volumes rise? How will collaborative robots complement or influence the traditional industrial robot market? What is the potential for collaborative robots in non-manufacturing fields?

This report answers these and other key questions facing the industry today.

NEW FOR 2023:

A premium version of the report is now available, with the following additional features:

  • Higher data granularity: Country X industry X payload
  • Mid-year forecast update of the total market
  • Quarterly market movement updates
Collaborative Robots

Smart Conveyance

A topical report investigating innovative smart tracks and carriages, sometimes called independent carts, flexible transport systems or multi-carrier motion systems.

New edition due mid-September 2023

Smart Conveyance Market

Motion Controls

The 4th edition of the highly-regarded Interact Analysis market report providing insight and analysis into the motion controls market. The report provides an understanding of market and economic trends driving and restricting growth of motion controls in both general motion control (GMC) and computer numerical control (CNC) applications.

The report is built through extensive primary research and supplier reporting and utilizes data from Interact Analysis’ “Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker (MIO)” – well respected for its credible industry forecasts by country, which inform the forecast for motion controls.

Motion Controls