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Wacker Neuson 2030 Strategy Review – is it ambitious enough?

Commercial Vehicles

July 2023


Vice President of Research - Commercial Vehicles

Alastair has over 15 years’ experience leading research activities in scaled, high-growth industrial and technology markets. As Vice President of our Commercial Vehicles Division, he’s responsible for cutting-edge research on electric trucks and buses, autonomous trucks and off-highway electrification.

Recently, Wacker Neuson (WN) updated its corporate strategy with a series of 10 goals – strategic levers – that it plans to use to achieve its corporate strategy by 2030. We have reviewed the goals and listened to the accompanying company update with the WN executive team.

In some ways, WN should be congratulated for including a focus on sustainability within its 2030 vision. However, we would question whether all the goals are ambitious enough (versus what other companies are doing) and if the strategic direction is completely correct. Is WN focusing enough on margin and electrification?

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