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Interact Analysis - a strong partner for NFPA members.

IA Services for NFPA Members

Interact Analysis provides a diverse set of research and insight covering industrial automation and commercial vehicles. The topics below were referenced recently at Adrian Lloyd’s NFPA presentation in August 2023. We’ve created this page to make access to more information on these easily available. Brochures are available for download as well as links to free insights we’ve recently produced on these topics.

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Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker

In a fast-moving sector with complex correlations, it is critical to understand the state of the market now, where it was, and where it will be. This report quantifies the total value of manufacturing production with deep granularity – for over 35 industries, across 44 countries, and presenting 15 years of historical data – for a complete business cycle, pre-recession to the present day.

We’ve carefully organised the country data around a common taxonomy to provide easy-to-interrogate, like-for-like comparisons. Credible five-years forecasts round out the view.

Download your complimentary report here:

Geared Motors & Industrial Gears

This report is an interim market update to our 2021 Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-duty) Gears Market report.
We conducted interviews with top-15 leading vendors in the industry to capture market performance, trends and development, etc. to ensure the quality and accuracy of our work. Coupled with our “tertiary-level” dataset (see slide 7), the result is the most accurate and detailed segmentation of the geared motors and industrial (heavy-duty) gears market, supported by the most rigorous research methodology, yielding the most accurate forecasts ever produced.

Gearboxes in Mobile Applications

This new Interact Analysis report provides detailed market size and forecast data for the mobile geared products market by product type, region and application/vehicle type. In addition, we explore macro-economic and equipment trends driving and restricting the market growth. Market share analysis for the leading suppliers is also presented in the report.
To support the research, we conducted over 30 interviews with key stakeholders throughout the industry –an effort that ensures the quality and accuracy of our work. Additionally, our dedicated off-highway equipment database provides a solid foundation to estimate and forecast the market demand for geared products in various mobile equipment, ranging from excavators to aerial work platforms.

Mobile Hydraulics

In this report, we provide detailed market size and forecast data for the mobile hydraulics market by product, industry, vehicle type, and region. In addition to this analysis, we conducted a market share analysis of any vendor in the market with a greater than 1% share. This report continues to explore the impact electrification of off-highway vehicles is having on the mobile hydraulic market.
With each edition, we strive to improve our research methodology and enhance our knowledge base to provide our clients with the most relevant and high-quality insights into the market. Since our first edition of this report, we have gained more insight into mobile hydraulic products as well as the off-highway and commercial vehicles sectors. Interact Analysis now produces dedicated reports on electrified off-highway vehicles, electrified off-highway equipment pricing & architecture, hybrid and electric trucks and buses, and forklifts.

Battery Manufacturing Equipment

Using both primary and secondary research, the report includes a detailed database of battery suppliers and existing and planned manufacturing plants around the world. Our analysis of the battery supply side and the current and likely future demand from end users helped us identify imbalances and assisted us in modeling forecasts for demand for battery manufacturing equipment.

Off-Highway Vehicles

The 3rd edition of the well respected Interact Analysis market report providing insight and analysis into the global off-highway vehicles industry, including vehicle powertrain forecast. The research includes, among others,

  • Market size and forecast data for off-highway vehicles (in-line with the detailed market segmentations shown on previous pages).
  • Overview of key macro factors influencing the off-highway vehicle market.
  • Key trend and market driver discussion and analysis provided by vehicle type, application and powertrain.

Off Highway Powertrain

This new market report covers powertrain pricing and architecture of electrified off-highway equipment. It covers, among others, detailed pricing data by region and vehicle type, demand for different powertrain architectures and technical trends and new vehicles in the component space.

Hydrogen in Transportation

This new research focuses on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the opportunities for OEMs and system suppliers. The research consists of a standard and premium version. The premium version includes an additional report on the Hydrogen Vehicle and Component Market.

Hydrogen in Transport Applications 

This is a new market report providing insight and analysis into the hydrogen industry. The report is limited to PEM-based fuel cell applications in transport.

Hydrogen Vehicle and Component Market (Premium Version only)

This is a new market report providing insight and analysis into the hydrogen vehicle component industry. The component report is limited to components of PEM fuel cell vehicles.


The 3rd edition of the Interact Analysis market report on the global forklift industry. The report focuses on Class 1-5 forklifts mainly in manufacturing and logistics environments with electrification and autonomy trends.

Forklifts have seen new growth and demand in recent years driven by the rapid development of smart manufacturing and intelligent warehouses. External factors such as the strict emission standards and rising labor costs are also fueling demand, as the trend toward electrification becomes significant in the global forklift market.